Is it Rock ? is it psychedelic ? Is it Blues ? is it Hard Rock ? Is it Music ? Is it Love ?

Using the strength and the simplicity of the Power Trio, Florent Jean Gaston seems to be an orchestra whispering and screaming new melodies. Since 2006 the band who started playing covers their own way, finally got in studio to record a Single then a LP (sold out now, soon to be re-released) with their own songs.

The lead singer, guitarist and singer, Florent, went through many awesome experiences in music, he played in many band as a member or as a session musician, finding his way on stage with several great artists such as Lucky Peterson, Sean Tyla, Boney Fields, Linley Marthe ... Tommy Foster on the drums, come with his incredible awesomeness, playing rhythms most ears never heard from a single drummer and Hugo Parle on the bass with a lot of experience make the music get together to it's best.

Does it sound nice to you? Well you really have to see the band live, that's where all the magic happens.
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